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Double Twister Line | BODT

BODT Series double twist stranders, has various models according to its maximum reel size as Ø630, Ø800, Ø1000, Ø1250, Ø1600, Ø2000 mm.

Thanks to used advanced production technology, enhanced design and engineering methods, it increases the precision of production with higher rotation and production speeds.

BODT Series provides various range of production with wide cross section range.

Bozdemir BODT Series double twist stranders, provide higher work safety with its sound insulated protection cages.


BODT 630

BODT 800

BODT 1000

BODT 1250

BODT 1600

BODT 2000

Reel Range

Min. Ø 560mm Max. Ø 630mm

Min. Ø 630mm Max. Ø 800mm

Min. Ø 800mm Max. Ø 1000mm

Min. Ø 1000mm Max. Ø 1250mm

Min. Ø 1000mm Max. Ø 1600mm

Min. Ø 1250mm Max. Ø 2000mm


0,09-6 mm2

0,25-16 mm2

2,5-50 mm2

6-120 mm2

16-240 mm2

16-400 mm2

Max. Twist Speed

6500 tpm

5000 tpm

3200 tpm

2000 tpm

1200 tpm

1000 tpm

Max. Line Speed


300 m/min

300 m/min

300 m/min

200 m/min

150 m/min